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1000+ Games availible
1000+ Games availible

The most on any console


Always connected.

What makes the Pocket different?

Handheld Gaming. Re-imagined & Rebuilt

  • Android 10

    Android 10

    A Powerfully tuned operating system offering access to millions of Applications & Games.

  • Real Sprung Buttons

    Real Sprung Buttons

    Enhance your gaming experiences with a joystick, D-Pad and 6 action buttons!

  • DDR4 RAM & 8x Core CPU

    DDR4 RAM & 8x Core CPU

    Built from the ground up to rival the most powerful mobile devices of the year.

possibilities. performance. power.

faster gaming with no compromise

  • Graphics enhanced Processor
    Graphics enhanced Processor

    Prioritise graphics without compromising battery life

  • 4G SIM Cards
    4G SIM Cards

    Full connectivity powered by Vodafones Network

  • 1080p Streaming
    1080p Streaming

    View beautiful images in 1080p on your touchscreen OLED screen

  • 16 Hrs Backup
    16 Hrs Backup

    Long life battery, so you can do what you love for longer


"Unbeatable price, and it’s super cool & retro"

Try it for yourself?

Always Connected

refined mobile gaming

Super Fast 4G

We live in a mobile world, we´re forever on the move and we´re used to being connected. So when we built the TRDR Pocket we knew that 5GHZ Wifi would not be enough. From online games to catching up with your favourite Netflix TV show, data on the move is a must.

Every single TRDR Pocket comes with 4G connectivity as standard and is fully unlocked to any mobile network in the world or your money back! Plus we can offer super optimized preferred sim cards from our partners that guarantee uptime and come with huge chunks of data.

The choice is yours. Welcome to the future.

Check out our Data plans.

Lose yourself in entertainment

Spend less enjoy more

  • 1

    Films & Movies

    From Netflix dramas to Amazon Prime Originals, the Google Play Appstore has a huge range of entertainment apps for those downtime moments. With 4G you can watch anywhere on the move and in full 1080p.

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  • 2

    Ultra Game Mode

    This awesome mode will block out any other distraction and focus all power and data to the current game your in to keep you always one step ahead of the competition. We´re here to help you win!

    View More
  • 3

    Super AMOLED Display

    A beautiful multi-touch display wasn’t enough for us, we had to make it rich in colours but truly amazing at deep blacks with a huge colour range in between. It´s also super good for more interactive creating apps.

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Innovative qualities & features

The TRDR Pocket is the future

Intelligent Processor

Power. Speed. Is the name of the game and in the Pocket - you´re covered.

HD Surround Audio

Clear and crisp audio, but there´s also colour matching headphones in the box.

Multi-Button Gaming

6 Assignable action buttons, a fluid joystick and a kick ass D-Pad.


Always ON

The latest Wifi specifications plus 4G connectivity so your always connected.

Multi Tasking & Threading

Run emails, games and catch up on the latest Tik-Tok dance. No Problem

Cloud Storage

128GB not enough? Expand to the cloud with Google.

what games can you play


  • cod mobile

    cod mobile

  • nba 2k

    nba 2k

  • grimvalor


More questions about the games

Can I use the buttons on the console?

Of course, all the games are tested and can be use with our buttons.

Can we see a list of more games?

Yes, here is the list of 100% tested games that work with our buttons

1 - dead cells

2 - stardew valley

3 - brawlhalla

4 - call of duty

5 -castlevania

6 - grimvalor

7 - oceanhorn

8 - space marshals 2

9 - crashlands

10 - endurance

11 - crossy roads

12 - evoland 2

13 - grid

14 - horizon chase

15 - portal knights

16 - street fighter

17 - sproggiwood

18 - shadowgun

19 - air attack 2

20 - stumble guys

21 - dungeon hunter 5

22 - asphalt 9 

23 - shadow fight 3

24 - sky

25 - bomb squad

26 - nba 2k


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